Thursday, May 18, 2017

studio style

When you work for yourself and by yourself, it is really tempting to spend all day every day in pajamas. I love fashion but many mornings I have to talk myself into getting dressed. I do it anyway and always end up feeling so much better and like a regular working girl. 
While everyday is different for me- somedays I am painting in the studio, other days I am sewing, then I'm out and about taking photos, then back home for DIY projects, then back to the studio to paint- I try to at least pull some kind of outfit together. They are not always the most stylish but I figure when you are self employed and an artist you don't have to follow any rules- pattern mixing, paint covered pants, bare feet and hats are all welcome in my work place. As long as I am not wearing pajamas in public I am a happy gal!


  1. Agree 100%. I always have a more positive day that feels more productive if I put in a little effort on the fashion front.

  2. Yes, I always feel better when I have "real" clothes on. How do you handle the paint wardrobe from your regular wardrobe? I always feel like I get paint on my nice clothes so I have to have a separate art friendly set of clothes.

  3. I love your style. Definitely shows you are an artist. Paint splattered clothes are awesome! LOL

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