Monday, June 24, 2013

shop updates!

A handful of painting pouches (made from my painting scraps)

Three new sets of rubber stamps!

hand carved stamps (limited quantities)

Two new sets of note cards


  1. Thanks so much Alisa, these are all amazing and fun!! So happy for you living out your dream. Do you ever sleep?? How do you get it all done?? Lucky for us you share your art with us and keep us inspired, thank you for all the time and effort!!
    The beautiful bags are first on my ever growing wish list!!

  2. I love the stamps, I already have two of the previously released ones. I will ask a friend to ship them outside the U.S. I really hope that you can offer international shipping soon.

  3. Maybe that one day your stamps shall come in France...

  4. i love all of the above. thanks a bunch. xoxo