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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

puff paint printing

I am teaching a 2 day surface design class called Beneath the Surface in my studio this weekend and I have been busy prepping class samples. And while I can't give everything away, I did want to share one of my favorite fast and easy techniques for filling the surface of fabric with pattern- it's what I like to call "puffy paint prints".

My long time readers will know that I love using puff paint (otherwise known as dimensional paint or 3-D paint) in all kinds of projects. I've use it on pumpkins, I've used it on paper, I've used it to embellish t-shirts and baby onesies but my favorite way to use 3-D paint is to create my own painted fabric. It is made for fabric and after about 72 hours of drying and setting, it is washable! 

My favorite dimensional paints are all made by iLoveToCreate- Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint and Tulip Fashion 3D Paint. They are easy to use, really affordable and can be incorporated into all kinds of projects.

I like use plain white muslin or broadcloth to create my own fabric that I use in a variety of mixed media projects. 3-D paint is made to be puffy or dimensional on the surface and I like to utilize the puffy quality by printing with it.  

I start by drawing or doodling my designs (a lot of the time it is something floral).

Next, while the paint it wet, I fold my fabric in half and press lightly and then pull the fabric apart.

You are left with a nice print! Note- you won't always get a clean print but that is half the fun! This techniques really lends itself to working in an expressive and unpredictable way.

I continue to add more designs, fold and print. I use different colors and layer my designs on top of each other.

I work my way across the surface until I have filled it up. 

The result is a surface filled with expressive pattern!

                                     3-d paint fabric from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

For more ideas on my favorite ways to use puff paint you can head over to THIS POST

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

easy ways to use 3-d paint in your wrapping

I am obsessed with using  Scribbles 3-d paint (puff paint) in all kinds of ways (see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) and I've found that its great to use to create fast, easy and creative holiday wrapping!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i love puff paint

It is no secret that I love dimensional paint (AKA puff paint or 3-D paint) and I use it in many of my craft projects. Gone are the days when puff paint can only be used to create tacky sweatshirts!! There are SO many ways to put this supply to use and lately I have been getting lots of questions about how to use it. So I thought I would put together a simple post dedicated to how diverse and fabulous this supply can be in art and craft projects.

My favorite dimensional paints are all made by iLoveToCreate and there are a variety to choose from but my favorites are Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint and Tulip Fashion 3D Paint. They are easy to use, really affordable and can be incorporated into all kinds of projects.

The best part about dimensional paint is that the applicator tips are tiny and the paint is nice and thick- which makes it really easy to create small dots, details and embellishments on different surfaces.

You can use all those tiny dots and details to create a pattern- time consuming but SO worth it!

You can draw and doodle with it- the tip is so small that it makes fine lines and details easy.

You can combine colors to create a surface filled with visual interest.

If you don't like the dimension (or puffy quality)

you can lay another material (paper, fabric, paper towel) over the top of the wet dimensional paint

and lightly press down.

Pull apart and not only have you flattened "the puff" but you also have two surfaces to use in your projects. This is a great technique to use in fabric projects.

You can use dimensional paint to add embellishments or dimensional elements to a drawing.

You can even write with it!

Since dimensional paint is typically made for fabric (even though I use it for EVERYTHING) you can easily add permanent embellishments to fiber surfaces.

and even layer on top of painted or dyed patterns on fabric.

One of my favorite techniques that I often teach in classes, is using it to create a splatter or scribbled look. (much cleaner that actually splattering paint!)


Often I will press another surface on top of this technique- its like a 2 for 1 deal!


Here are a handful of some of my favorite projects that I have created with dimensional paint- just to give you an idea of how versatile it can be!
my recent valentine card tutorial combined paper drawings and puff paint embellishments

I used it to embellish some canvas sneakers for my Graffiti Chic part 2 online class.

This embellished tank top project is one of my all time faves!

Back in the fall I used dimensional paint on pumpkins- while this was not a "permanent" project with a long shelf life, they still were so BEAUTIFUL for a few weeks!


Last spring I embellished pinwheels.

and for Easter I decorated little eggs.

Recently I created an ENTIRE OUTFIT with puff paint for the iLovetoCreate booth at CHA- probably one of the most challenging things I have even created :)

Hopefully I've peaked your interest in using puff paint!



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