Friday, July 27, 2012

fashion friday- polka dots and stripes





ladydazy said...

Love it!! Those shorts are great with it all!! Oh and that bag, so cute!!

Robbie said...

Who knew...stripes and poka dots would look so good. Only a beauty like yourself (inside and out) could get away with it. I know your beautiful daughter will be the same!

Anonymous said...

Love polka dots, did my living room in "dots"', might have to add some stripes! I just signed up for your Ode to Nature class. Very excited, it's my first art class ever. I really appreciate all of your inspiration.

TanyaMac said...

the mighty polka dot never grows old! I have quite a stash of dotty knickers ;P

Andrew said...

Polka dots first started appearing on common clothes in the 1800s, mostly on swimming costumes but really became popular after being sported by Minnie Mouse in ‘Steamboat Willie’ in 1928 :)


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