Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Quilting Arts Workshop DVD!

Thrilled to announce that my Quilting Arts Workshop DVD- Expression Session is available for purchase!! It is full of all kinds of easy (and messy) techniques for creating your very own hand painted fabric.   Visit Interweave for more information!!


  1. peggy3:12 AM

    I orderred my DVD yesterday. Take care of your back Alisa. Its hard to find a balance when you love your art. Peggy

  2. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I have watched your DVD today - I live in New Zealand and it arrived yesterday very exciting. I loved it and the way you presented - congratulations!!! Rebecca in New Zealand

  3. Hi Alisa, I just received your book and have been having fun with painting canvas fabric...I'm lined up to make the iPod cover in the next day ro so. thanks...

    gonna pop over and join your network!



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